Handmade Ceramic House Name Signs

Add an individual touch to your house with an Embar Pottery House name sign.

Your House name sign can be oval, round or rectangular with a choice of 1 or 2 lines of text.

The standard oval and round signs can be with or without border designs and have a design of your choice in the centre. The standard rectangular signs can be with or without border designs.

The border design (and central design in oval and round signs) can be individualised with appropriate designs for your house. You could have our standard flowers or leaf border/central patterns. See the examples of other signs we have made at the bottom of this page for inspiration.

All house name signs take approx 4-6 weeks to complete, from reciept of payment.

Handmade Ceramic House Name sign

Oval House Name Sign with central design

Ceramic House Sign

Single Line rectangular HouseName Sign with end design (this only works with shorter names)

  • Rectangular Sign 1 line 

        - 1 line of up to 10 characters. (size approx:35cm x 14cm) - £35

  • Rectangular Sign 2 lines 

        - 2 lines of up to 10 characters per line (size approx:35cm x 25cm) - £47

  • Round Sign                   

        - Max 14 characters over 2 lines. Central Design (Size approx:30cm diameter) - £62

  • Oval Sign                      

        - Max 20 characters over 2 lines. Central Design (Size approx:40cm x 29cm) - £70

Large or complicated designs on oval, round or rectangular housename signs will be priced accordingly

All That Glitters........

Add some glamour to your house name sign by having the lettering gilded with 23carat Gold leaf. £2.50 per letter

The example to the right is a standard oval house name sign (£70) with 8 letters (£2.50 X8 = £20) Total cost = £90

Handmade House Name Sign

To order a name sign please email us at sales@embarpottery.co.uk with what style of sign, the name and design you would like. We will then contact you with a total price and to discuss your design.

Please note: As all house name signs are made individually to order they can take 4-6 weeks in production. Due to the size and weight of the name signs P&P is £8.50 per sign.
House signs

Round house plaque with central rose design and some border leaves

Ceramic Name Plaque

Oval house name plaque with central leaf design

House Name Sign Design Ideas

These pictures all show name signs we have previously made. Use them to get ideas and inspiration for your own individual name sign design. Click on each thumbnail to see an enlarged picture, or click on the first picture and then scroll through the gallery.

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