Fairy House

Introduce some fairy magic to your home or garden! These fabulous little mushroom shaped fairy houses are the perfect place to make the fairies feel at home. Fully frost proof these can be put in the garden to start your very own "fairy garden" or put in your house to give the house fairies somewhere to live!

The standard and large size fairy houses come in 2 parts, a conical shaped base and the roof which slides on the top. The small size fairy houses are made as one piece.

The size of the standard houses at approx 14cm tall makes them perfect for creating a fairy garden within a large garden planter or a trough. Just add a few plants, some stepping stones, a mushroom or two and perhaps a river made from glass chips/beads with a bridge and ta dah a fairy garden that no self respecting fairy will bypass!

Go for a larger size house and plant directly in the garden under a tree to start your own fairy dell, or choose a small house, perfect for creating a garden in a small space such as a plant pot.

(Remember that fairies only move around when no-one is looking so even if you have never seen one, they are there!)

For some inspiration for creating your own Fairy Garden click here to look at some fabulous gardens which have been created by some of our customers.

Embar Pottery Fairy houses come in 3 sizes;

Small - approx 9cm tall (this size is made as one piece) - £10

Standard - approx 14cm tall  - £22 

Large - approx 20cm tall - £40

We have a selection of Fairy houses for sale in our Etsy Shop - Click here to be taken to our shop.

We make fairy houses with a variety of coloured roofs; Including Red, Purple, Blue, Sky blue speckle, Yellow, Orangey Red etc.

If you like your fairy house lit LED lights can be used inside the houses (see the example above) you can also use tealight candles inside if you would like to as it won't harm the pottery however WARNING - the pottery will become too hot to touch if you burn a real candle inside.

See the gallery below of various houses we have made. If you can't find what you are looking for in our Etsy shop please contact us as we usually have a number of houses in stock, but only a small selection online at any one time.

Each house is unique and the one you choose from our shop is the actual house you receive.


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