Ceramic Flowers

Ceramic flowers can brighten up your life in many ways;

  • You could use them in with foliage pot plant (such as a spider plant) to brighten.
  • You could plant them in a dark spot in the garden to create some colour where there are no fresh flowers.
  • You could use them with some silk leaves to create a permanent indoor display.
  • You could use them in with fresh leaves from the garden to create a bright and cheerful winter display.
  • Or just enjoy them on their own inside or outside!

Our ceramic flowers are weather proof and come on a wire stalk which varies in length but is between 35-40cm long. The picture above shows our current colour selection of daisy flowers each measures approx 5cm across. Close up photos of the colour choices are shown in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

The daisy flowers are priced at £5 each or choose 5 for £20

Single Daisy Flower £5
Choose 5 for £20
Please specify colour choices

Use the gallery below to see the colour choices. Click on the images to enlarge.


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