Owl Bird Feeders

The owl shaped bird feeders are a cute addition to your bird table! Fill the owl up to the level of the holed in the back with your choice of treat. It is mostly the tit family that like to use this feeder so try it out with black sunflower seeds, peanuts, suet pellets or even standard bird food mix.

Birds generally love to have a bush, tree or fence nearby to land on and check out danger before heading to a feeder. Just make sure you hang it away from hard surfaces so it won't smash in the wind.

All of our owls are hand built so they are all different, and have different expressions!

We make owl bird feeders in 2 size. Large (approx. 13 cm tall) £15 and Small (approx. 10 cm tall) £12.50

Click on the images below to see the colour choices for our Owl feeders.
Owl feeders are available in our Etsy Shop

Fatball Feeders

Ever popular these are mushroom shaped ceramic fatball feeders. The fatballs are hooked onto an S-hook under the ceramic top which is attached to a cord thread up through the middle for you to hang from a tree, bush, bird table etc.

These fatball feeders measure approx. 13 cm and are £7.50 each

Never leave empty fatball nets hanging from your feeders as empty they can be a hazard to small birds.

Click on the images below to see a few examples of colour choices for our fatball feeders.
Fatball feeders are available in our Etsy Shop

Other Feeders

We have a couple of other types of feeders - Suet log feeders and non-netted Fatball feeders, but currently these are in development so only available from us at a show.

Stay tuned for more information!

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